LED Corn Lights – LED – Lamp

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LED corn light accord with a standard lighting lamps and lanterns (remember to bypass the ballast!), provide a brighter, more energy efficient lighting solution for led high bay, fixture, metal halide/HPS low bay leadership positions on the lamps and lanterns, parking lot lamps and lanterns, indoor lighting, signs, and many others!The foundation of our LED corn light with a E26 medium (standard), or a E39 tycoon base, it is easy to install and replace the traditional industrial lighting products compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, metal halide lamp (hid), incandescent bulbs, HQI.

LED package is only the outer packing, which has LED chip assembly.These leadership is a vital component that allows the actual light emission and energy to keep in touch, maintained in a secure unit.Other USES include blocking the LED chip and wiring from any harm to the environment, protect the chip with high quality fluorescent powder and silicon resin, and make sure to keep the flexibility of the future lighting products and standardization.

Led corn light rated life, compared to 50000 + hours of lighting and the traditional incandescent lamp up to 2000 hours.This means that you will have to change the incandescent light bulb 25 x times before you have to change the LED bulbs.This is a significant difference.

Our LED corn light is much cheaper than LED high bay 200% * alternatives because VEEC and ESC drawback, making it one of the most cost effective LED products in the market.



Good quality cheap led corn lights 27W 36W 45W 54W 65W 80W 100W 120W 150W

Clear PC cover and milky PC cover available, and with 360 degree wide beam angle.High bright SMD5730 LED corn lights, to make sure the high luminous efficiency 100lm/W for these spotlights.Constant current & isolated power Driver, with IC, long life span.We are original factory of the light, all factors are under control.  Good quality but low price.There are 27W 36W 45W 54W 65W 80W 100W 120W 150W cheap led corn lights for this series corn lights,  and E26 E27 E39 E40 of led corn lights bases, and many different emitting colors for clients’ choice.

Energy saving: low power consumption, low heat, high level of brightness, uniform light-emitting, energy-saving about 50%.Long lifespan: the normal lifespan of LED corn lamps tubes is above or equal to 30,000H.No twinkling: rapid start, steady work, no noise, no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes,conforming to CE.Green and environmentally-friendly: LED tube has no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.Special circuit design: ensuring that each LED corn lights to work independently, the damage of single LED has no influence on the whole ,conforming to ROHS.Warranty time : 2 years(the range of colour temperature:2800-6500K.Color rendering index(CRI)is optional , for example we can make Ra>70.

LED corn lights adopts standard cheap E26/E27/E39/E40 led corn lamps holders, which is highly optimized for general use in the market.It can replace traditional auger-type or bayonet type incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps but no need of any changing,and it is easy and convenient to install or change.Under the same brightness,it saves more 90 percent energy than traditional incandescent lamps.Its service life is as high as 50000 hours or more,which is 50 times longer than that of incandescent lamps.

These LED corn lights have a huge variety of uses and as they benefit from a standard G4/G9/GY6.35/E27/E14 base they can actually be retrofitted to pretty much any existing lamp or light fitting that you already have within your home or office that uses bulbs with the same base. That means that there is no need to worry about costly conversions or changing your light fittings at all. Instead, it really is as simple as throwing away your failed incandescent bulb and then simply installing the new low energy LED replacement in exactly the same way that you have fitted your previous standard bulbs.

Thanks to the full 360 degree beam angle that these led corn lights have they are the perfect option for anywhere where you need full scattering of light around a large general area.