85-265V 1300lm 15W 360 degree LED corn light

Energy saving, environmental and high brightness; it saves about 65% power, comparing to the traditional Halogens and Incandescent.Instant start, no glare light, no noise and frequent flash.No effect from radio interference.No UV, no infrared and no thermal effects.Simple and fashionable appearance, elegant and never tarnishing.1300lm led corn light e14, Replace 120W Old Halogen Lamps.Stable dimmable driver and great heat-dissipating ability.

Use Epistar ED and High Quality driver, realizing long-term reliable and stable working without failure and maintenance.High luminance defect, realizing energy saving by 80% comparing with traditional light source.Power factor over 0.95, harmonic distortion rate less than 15%.Adopt digital constant-power technology, realizing control of LED power.Unique one-time die-casted aluminum shell structure, realizing excellent heat dissipation.Reasonable design, easy to install.

Shaped like a corn, it has a full lighting angle of 360°.With 5050 SMD, it produces ultra bright light.Environmentally friendly, it does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no UV and IR radiation. High luminous efficiency, energy saving and long service life.Designed to fit standard E27/E14/B22 fittings, easy to install.Suitable for office, store, exhibition, halls, bars, or home use and other lighting and decoration, etc.

Have real high efficiency. The beam angle of fluorescent lamp is 360°, people will use reflector to use reverse light, leading to the result their effeiciency is only 70%. But the normal led lighting could use the whole light with 120°;With high power efficiency.  Fluorenscent bulbs have ballasts which will decrease to 85%, but led lightings could have 95% power to use, leading to the result that they could save half power(18w led could replace 36w fluorenscence);Longer life time. Normally led corn light bulbs have 50000 hours, twice than fluorescent lamps’;No Hg. Completely non-polluting green;Could provide almost all the temperatures;Larger quantity of clients which use big scale power prefer to use these replacement lighting especially led according to all these advantages.

High quality SMD LED chip,Super brightness, good color rendering. High power, high luminous efficiency, Very low energy consumptionAluminum alloy materials, clear PC cover.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam. environmental pollution.Popular, ballast free, easy installation.Not suitable for dimmers ,electronic switches and remote controls.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs.Lower maintenance cost.



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