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High efficiency LED energy-saving corn lamps

Feature of led corn light

Super brightness, good color rendering, low luminous decay. High power, high efficiency, low energy consumption. Light source: with low attenuation process encapsulation of the LED corn light. Power supply: constant current; protection of over-current, over-voltage and high temperature. Material: Using high quality aluminum alloy and pc cover,excellent structure design fit for dissipation;not contain lead,mercury and other pollution elements.

Bright: Using light transmission rate of 90% or more of the cover, uniform beam angle,no glare,High brightness,High Luminous Efficiency; Life: Unique constant current driver technology makes sure the led corn lamp work in long life stable; Perfect lighting effect, fast starting, low power consumption, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Quality in priority, clients the upmost. Saving Energy :Compared to incandescent lamp, it saves energy more than 80% and saves 50% energy than fluorescent lamp.

Energy efficient under the same brightness, LED energy-saving corn lamps 1000 hours only 1 degree electricity consumption, ordinary incandescent 17 hours of electricity consumption, ordinary energy-saving led corn lamps one hundred hours of electricity consumption.Long life LED super energy-saving corn lamps use theory life can reach tens of thousands of hours, incandescent life 1,000 hours.Healthy light contain ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation, no pollution. Ordinary energy-saving led corn lamps and incandescent light contains ultraviolet and infrared.Green harmful elements do not contain mercury and lead, was conducive to recovery and use, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, an ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead toxic elements, energy-saving led corn lamps, electronic ballasts will produce electromagnetic interference.

Protect eyesight DC power-driven, no flash, general lights are AC drive, it will inevitably produce stroboscopic for long time eyes disadvantage.High efficiency heat a small light, 90% of electrical energy into visible light, only 20% of the ordinary incandescent electric energy into visible light, and the other 80% of the electrical energy into heat of limited resources is a tremendous waste.
High safety factor required voltage, current smaller, less heat, no security risk, can be used in mines and other dangerous places.

Energy saving, environmental and high brightness; it saves about 65% power, comparing to the traditional Halogens and Incandescent.Instant start, no glare light, no noise and frequent flash.No effect from radio interference.No UV, no infrared and no thermal effects.Simple and fashionable appearance, elegant and never tarnishing.1300lm led corn light e14, Replace 120W Old Halogen Lamps.Stable dimmable driver and great heat-dissipating ability.

High quality chinese manufacturer LED corn lamps

Produced with low optical power Samsung 5630 LED corn lamp which is approved by Energy Star LM80 test, High lumens 110LM/W and CRI>80.Its top quality, high-quality constant current power supply ( Using Japanese Rubycon components) make the bulb normally working under the high temperature of 90°C. Its heat dissipation design is accord with Energy Star Requirement standard, which make the bulb’s lifespan can more than 40000hrs without Fan.Can be used in the indoor or outdoor IP 65 or IP67 closed fixtures.

Imported thermal-conductive plastic to dissipate heat perfect.Plastic can make 100% safe to human body.Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant .No RF interference, No buzzing noise.No fluorescent flickering. No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment.No danger of broken glass.Maintenance free, easy installation.Long lifetime 50, 000+ hrs.Low power consumption, high quality.

High Lumens, High Color Rendering,stable Performance. 360 degree of light for the maximum light fixture efficiency.Efficient driver design more energy saving and environment friendly.Low power consumption, high intensity, low lumen attenuation.Easy to install and maintain. LED Corn Light is mainly used in  Garden,street, warehouse, shopping mall,wall light. Parking Lot, Courtyard, Square, Park, Airport, Subway, Gymnasium, etc.

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