3 Tips For Creating An Impressive Curriculum Vitae

The time has come to create your curriculum vitae or CV as most people call it. Before you do anything, read the below information. We’ve put together a short list of tips that can come in handy.

1. The Basics Are Important
The basic stuff is important, so make sure you include basic info and make sure you get it right. Your contact info, your personal info, qualifications, education, experience and work history are all things you want to include. Don’t forget about including hobbies, achievements and 2-3 references. You’d be surprised to know that many people overlook the basics, but you don’t want to do that.

2. Presentation Is Crucial
Besides including the basic stuff, you want to pay attention to presentation. What we mean by this is you want your CV to be on a clean and crisp piece of white paper and your layout should be well-structured and clean. As a general rule of thumb, never fold or crumple your resume because this doesn’t look good and prospective employers will notice it right away.

Here’s another useful tip, when someone looks at a CV, the first thing they will likely look at is right in the upper middle part of the page. This is where the most important info should be placed. It is almost natural for people to look at this area.

3. Tailor Your CV To The Job Role
Perhaps the most important tip of all is to tailor your CV to the job you are applying for because if you don’t, then it’s easy to include a bunch of irrelevant information. Consider what job duties are required in the job roles you are applying for and then include information about your past work experience that will highlight that you’re capable of handling tasks involved with the job you’re hoping to get. Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to create 3-4 different versions of your CV, but consider what jobs you want and then create variations of your resume. Doing this will increase your chances of landing a job you really want.

There are other tips out there that can help you create a good CV. However, the above tips are a good starting point and can have a major impact on whether or not you land a job. If you use them, then you can rest assure the end result will be an impressive CV that will grab the attention of prospective employers.

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